Voyager tapes are available in red, blue, and yellow


Design by Dillon Nusca

Recorded and Mixed by Patrick McDowall at Soundhole, Montreal, QC. 
Mastered by Ryan Morey at Grey Market Mastering


Assembled by



Voyager (Tape)

  • We ship each cassette independently from home, so please allow *1-3 weeks for all domestic and international sales.


    Each cassette is sent with bubble wrap and a special cassette mailing case, so there should be no damages upon arrival. Unfortunately, sometimes things break in the mail and it sucks! Therefore, we cannot 100% guaruntee that each cassette will arrive in perfect condition.


    If you encounter a problem with a broken product, please send us an email with pictures.


    *For the first couple of months of shipment, we will be sending cassettes at the beginning of every week. We plan to send our records in a timely manner, but sometimes life gets in the way.