released January 19, 2017
released January 20, 2015

about us

Fleece is a neo-psychedelic project from Canada. On stage, they bring an unforgettable energy to compliment their unique indie, psychedelic sound. Sonically, some of Fleece’s many influences include Tame Impala, Herbie Hancock, The Beatles, and Joni Mitchell.


Many know Fleece for a YouTube video called “How To Write an Alt-J Song”, which exponentially grew their social presence, and further pushed their music across the globe.


Fleece’s most recent album, Voyager (2017), features band leader Matt Rogers speaking to a younger version of himself, a closeted teenager dealing with the struggle of opening up about his sexuality.  Many teenage fans who saw Fleece play in the spring of 2017 said that the music has inspired them to be themselves, and in some cases, helped them come to terms with their sexuality and gender. 


Although Fleece’s message about embracing weirdness and finding identity has impacted many of their fans, for others, they simply keep coming back because they like the music. 

Gabe, Ethan, Jameson, Matt, Megan

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